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AXELcore Version 1.5 - Competitive Upgrade (FULL) $9.95

AXELcore 1.5 - Competitive Upgrade (FULL) - Windows/MAC OSX

CAUTION: This version of AXELcore will work ONLY if you have one of the following software installed on your machine: Adobe GoLive 4 and 5, Adobe Live Motion 1, Macromedia Flash 4 and 5, or Macromedia DreamWeaver 4.

If you like Macromedia's Flash program, you will absolutly love AXEL by MindAvenue. The review on About.com sums up the essence of this project in a single line: “MindAvenue's AXEL is like Macromedia Flash in 3D.” AXELedge 1.5 is the only interactive 3D Web authoring tool that enables designers and artists to model, animate, import, preview and publish interactive 3D content on the Web. The software does not require programming, and provides free AXEL plug-in players for both Macintosh and Windows for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

AXELcore 1.5 is the only interactive 3D Web authoring tool that enables designers and artists to perform basic authoring steps on the Web.

AXELcore is the tool you need for designing, developing, and delivering unique interactive web content. Strong, complete and easy to learn, AXELcore enables designers and web artists to model and animate interactive content for purposes ranging from advertising and education to visualization and gaming, then deliver it directly to the web.

The software does not require programming, and provides free AXEL plug-in players for both Macintosh and Windows for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

A showcase of files produced using the software is available at http://www.mindavenue.com

All orders received and paid for by Noon CST (Monday-Friday) are shipped the same day. Shipping and Handling for one unit of this product is $9.95.

User Interface and Workflow

    * Resizable 4-1 Split 3D Viewports: see your content from multiple pre-defined or custom camera viewpoints (including: front, top, right and perspective cameras).
    * Project Manager: a hierarchical view of all objects and their parameters, including fast access to all sound, image and movie resources.
    * Parameter Editor: dynamically displays all editable values of any selected item.
    * Interaction Editor: create interactivity without programming by dragging connections from sensors to reactions in this graphical editor.
    * Interaction Sequencer: control the timing of linear or event based chains of reactions.
    * Animation Sequencer: control the value and timing of individual animation key frames or tracks.
    * Stream Sequencer: simulate and control the download performance of your content on a variety of bandwidths.
    * End-to-end Workflow: from modeling, animation and interaction to publishing, AXEL covers the entire workflow for creating rich interactive web content.
    * Integrated Browse Preview Mode: instantly switch from authoring to browsing mode to test the download and interactive experience.
    * Multi-level undo and redo support.
    * Draw or sketch 2D curves in 3D space.
    * Extrusion and Revolution: generate 3D shapes from 2D curves by extrusion or revolution.
    * Parametric Shape Primitives: create 2D or 3D shapes from pre-defined primitives (spheres, cubes, cones, circles, etc).
    * 2D or 3D Text: create text objects from a variety of fonts.
    * Point Level Editing: move, rotate, scale or delete single points or groups of points on any shape or curve.
    * Modeling Deformations: bend or push points to deform and model objects.
    * Subdivide or simplify shapes or curves locally or globally.
    * Object Level Editing: move, rotate or scale single objects or groups of objects.
    * Snap to Grid: for precise control over all modeling operations.
    * Spring Relation: add dynamic motion to any two objects by attaching them with virtual springs.
    * Pose Constraint: to glue two objects together.
    * Distance Constraint: to ensure objects always stay a certain distance from each other.
    * Direction Constraint: to make an object point to another one along any axis.
    * Curve Constraint: to make an object stay on or close to any 2D or 3D curve.
    * Bounding Collision Constraints: to keep objects outside or inside of a given box or sphere area in space.
    * Snap Constraint: make an object snap to specific locations and/or orientations based on proximity.
    * Group and Ungroup: to organize objects hierarchically and to treat a set of objects as a single super object.
    * Mouse Cursor Linking: the web surfer’s mouse cursor can be connected to any 2D or 3D object to create free flowing interactivity.
    * Hardware Acceleration: choose hardware or software rendering to ensure maximum stability and performance on a wide range of platforms.
    * Windowless Rendering: to publish your content into a non-rectangular outline that can be layered onto any HTML page.
    * Smooth Shaded Rendering: to give objects a classic 3D look.
    * Custom Wireframe Rendering: to display the inner lines that make-up a 2D or 3D shape.
    * Cartoon Rendering: to give a sharp 2D look to any 3D shape.
    * Image Textures: paste images onto 2D or 3D shapes (supports jpeg, gif, png including transparency channel)
    * Movie Textures: apply any QuickTime movie (embedded or streamed) onto any 2D or 3D surface.
    * Flash SWF Textures: apply any SWF movie (embedded or streamed) onto any 2D or 3D surface.
    * Environment Mapping: to simulate a reflective surface such as a metallic object.
    * Transparency and Anti-aliasing per object for see through effects and smooth edges.
    * 3D Lights: create multiple light sources (spot, directional, or point lights) to control the shading of your content.
    * Web Cameras: create multiple WebCams to provide different points of views to the surfer.
    * Move, orbit or zoom web cameras to any 3D point of view.
    * Advanced Color Model: for precise control of all components of an object’s color (shininess, glow, highlight and ambient).
    * Texture Projection Control: cylindrical or planar texture projectors to modify how an image or movie is pasted onto a 2D or 3D shape.
    * Generalized Key Framing: add animation tracks or keys to the parameters of any object, light, camera or material.
    * Live Animation Recording: move objects during playback and automatically record key frames.
    * Automatic In-Betweening: control your animation between keys with constant, linear or smooth interpolation.
    * Path Animation: make an object move along any 2D or 3D curve.
    * Animation Mixing: to define the weight of an animation relative to another for smooth transitions and blends.
    * Shape Animation: animate points or groups of points on any 2D or 3D shape.
    * Particle Animation: control the generation of particles to make smoke, snow or star fields effects (including support for particle texturing).
    * Wave Animation: automatically make any shape pulsate with control of amplitude and frequency.
    * Drag and Drop Interaction Authoring: connect sensor triggers to reactions to create event-based interactive behavior without programming.
    * Reaction Grouping: group reactions together to create compound, chained or randomly sequenced reactions.
    * User Input Sensors: to connect reactions to all mouse events (over, button down or up) or keyboard events.
    * Spatial Sensors: to trigger reactions based on proximity, absolute position or orientation.
    * General Parameter Sensors: to trigger reactions based on the change of any parameter in the content.
    * Time Sensors: to trigger reactions at specific times or frequencies.
    * Performance Sensors: to trigger events based on the download or refresh rate performance of your content.
    * Playback Reactions: to control the playback of animations, sounds (wav, mp3, midi) or movies (mov, avi, mpeg, swf).
    * Switch Reactions: to change to a different camera view or to swap the material or even geometry of an object.
    * Spatial Reactions: to trigger the relocation, re-orientation or scaling of any object (including control over the transition time).
    * General Parameter Reactions: to change or toggle any parameter in the content (including control over the transition time).
    * Overlay Text Reaction: to associate tool-tip style text messages to any 2D or 3D objects.· Internet Reactions: to trigger hyperlinks, downloads or JavaScript calls.
    * Time Control Reactions: to trigger a jump to any time or to pause/restart the global playback time.
    * Object Manipulation Handles: to allow the surfer to interactively grab, move, turn, scale and even throw any object.
    * Camera Manipulation Handles: to allow the surfer to interactively orbit, zoom or translate the point of view on the content.
    * Object Deformation Handles: to allow the surfer to interactively deform objects by pushing or bending them.
    * Rollover Authoring: for fast creation of highlight, tool-tip and sound effects triggered by “mouse over” events.
    * Customizable Mouse Cursors: chose from a variety of cursors to be displayed when the mouse moves over an object.
Publish & Export
    * Multiple Export/Publish Formats: export or publish content in a variety of formats from interactive 3D to 2D vector graphics, images or linear movies.
    * Interactive 3D QuickTime: publish interactive 3D content to the QuickTime player via the AXEL QuickTime component.
    * Standalone Projectors: publish interactive 3D content into self contained executable files for Mac or PC (options include: chromeless, fullscreen, HW/SW acceleration).
    * Content Encryption: published AXEL or QuickTime 3D streams cannot be re-authored to protect copyright.
    * Content Compression: compressed high level vector and object representation results in very small interactive 3D file sizes.
    * Stream Management: control the order at which content elements arrive in an AXEL or QuickTime interactive 3D streams.
    * Performance Monitoring: download time prediction, refresh rate monitor, and camera clip box management;
    * Integrated Preview: view content in standard web browsers.
    * HTML Integration: automatic generation of HTML object tag and integration into any target HTML host web page.
    * Windowless Content: support for DHTML windowless mode (z-index), transparency, shadow casting and absolute positioning.
    * Live Content Merging: published interactive 3D content can be merged dynamically with external streams on separate servers.
Who should buy Axel? In his May 2002 MacWorld review http://www.macworld.com/2002/05/reviews/axel/ , Matthew Lowrie says “Web designers and 3-D artists--who want to showcase interactive 3-D scenes via a Web browser”. His conclusion: For 3-D artists seeking a new medium, and for Web-content developers looking to expand their content repertoire, Axel makes it easy to start creating interactive Web 3-D. Its straightforward implementation of 3-D concepts makes it a great learning tool for 3-D beginners. However, all users, even those with years of 3-D experience, will benefit from Axel's intuitive, easily understandable interface for creating interactivity.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 05 January, 2006.
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